National Media

The 2016 federal elections (President, U.S. Senate, U.S. House) will shape the course of our nation as few have since the election of 1860.

Major issues are before the electorate:

Who will replace our aging U.S. Supreme Court Justices?

What direction will we take with our national and global economy?

What will we do about immigration?

What will we do to fix our broken public education system?

What will we do about climate change?

What will public health policy look like going forward?

What will our foreign policy look like?

What wars will we fight and what wars won’t we?

What will we do about our nation’s crumbling infrastructure?

What will we do to protect our homeland?

What will we do about the national debt and deficit?

What will justice look like in the 21st Century?

And so many, many more.

Our nation’s media, however, especially national news channels and broadcast news divisions, seem only interested in driving their agendas or interviewing colleagues and pundits about who they think will be our next president.

It is impossible to find a meaningful discussion about the major international issues we face; a real discussion about the T.P.P., an in depth analysis about public education including a look at issues ranging testing to re-segregation. & Iowa Citizen Vanguard

The purpose of is to create a site that responsibly examines the major issues facing our nation. Our primary audience will be the electorate but we will treat voters with respect and intelligence rather than pander and entertain.

The purpose of Iowa Citizen Vanguard – a monthly periodical – will be to examine the major issues facing Iowa with the expectation to then create and drive action on the agenda that emerges.

In creating this site we are not looking for the type of cheerleading so prevalent on social media. Nor are we looking to create an “us vs. them” website. There are more of those than ought to exist.

We welcome dissent. We just ask that it be competent, thoughtful, intelligent and responsible.

First Things First

The initial content on will be our coverage of Iowa’s U.S. Senate Democratic Party primary. Soon after we will begin populating the site with a real examination of the issues we face as a nation.

Your feedback is welcomed. Write us at: